Are you struggling to get your brand in front of new eyes? And, honestly have you even tried? 

You’re excited about the strides you’ve made so far in your business and see the endless possibilities for growth. You’ve received great feedback from your community on the amazing products or services you provide but you feel like you should be reaching a wider audience. Operations are running smoothly but are you truly showing up to promote your brand? 

Planning for 


1 Day to Push Your Brand Forward With An Effective Communications Strategy 

It’s like this:

  • You work countless hours on your business but struggle to actually promote your brand. 

  • You get so overwhelmed with the idea of posting content that you end up showing up inconsistently.

  • You want to be featured in Essence, Forbes, or even on your local news but don’t even know where to start.

  • You know what you offer is great but you fail to make the deeper connection with your audience and explain the story of WHY it’s great

It’s a struggle alone to run the day to day operations of your business, handling customer service or building a program. Having to add on the titles of social media manager and publicist can definitely take you over the edge and often leave you stuck. 

You know you started a great brand.
You know the heights that this brand can go and the places it will take you. Most importantly you know why you started, why it continues to make you smile, even on the hard days, and also why the world needs to know about it. Of course you are talented and skilled at what you do. OF COURSE your brand needs to be visible to take it to the next level.

From personal experience I know, it’s the worst!

I’ve been there and I definitely get it. When I started my agency I had no balance between managing my client work and working on the actual business to take it to the next level. This included showing up to promote myself and what I could offer. And considering myself as a thought leader, that wasn’t for me! It was for my clients, why would I do such a thing. 

But, in my work with entrepreneurs, who were also doing it alone, I noticed that many of them just needed the push and the PLAN to get them started before they could take the next step and fully commit to hiring a publicist. Once I was able to get my processes together, the proven communication and content plan I was able to use for my clients I was able to apply for myself and other entrepreneurs. And now I’m so happy to be able to share it with you in Planning for Visibility!

It’s a process and it often feels out of your control. 


Imagine waking up each day and:  

  • Your following on social media is growing because you’re not worrying about what to post day to day

  • You have requests for speaking opportunities because you’re showcasing and positioning yourself as an expert

  • Your website SEO has improved because you have control over and are using the content you create as a resource

  • Your product was featured in Cosmopolitan because you were able to pitch yourself to the media

  • You notice people begin to seek you out to be featured because they know you have a story to tell

"I absolutely loved working with Branda! As a new and solo entrepreneur I was struggling trying to come up with ways to promote my brand and create content. Branda was SO helpful and knowledgeable I truly felt like I was in good hands. She was able to help me come up with a schedule of content to post on a daily basis as well as new ideas that I never thought of to pitch my business to different media outlets.

She also pushed me outside of my comfort zone and encouraged me to post content more frequently and consistently on social media. When I first started working with her, I was barely posting 1 thing 3x a week. Now, I post multiple times a day 5x a week and I can definitely see an increase in my engagement on social media. Branda offers so many great services and techniques to help push your brand forward and get it in front of your target audience. I will definitely be using her again in the future as my business continues to grow along with my PR needs."

"Branda was SO helpful and knowledgeable I truly felt like I was in good hands."

Brittny Horne
RVL Wellness Co. 

We’ll work together to create a customized communications plan, content calendar and pitch plan. All can be repurposed annually, passed along to a virtual assistant and even recreated to promote your launches. The plans are easy to follow and assist you in building awareness for your brand, products or events.

Taking the time to implement a customized communications plan on your own can be way more useful than trying to work with a publicist for a short term project. PR is a long term play and being aware of the tools and process that go into it can only help you in the future, whether you want to continue handling the media on your own or commit to hiring an agency like BJC. 

Planning for 


The 1-day planning session focused on building your reputation and awareness for your brand. 

What’s Included:

  • Communications Plan outlining goals and tactics for all 4 media types (paid, earned, shared and owned) highlighting all the best ways to get in front of those you wish to reach

  • Social Media Audit to look at where you are currently and determine which content is best for you to create as well as the best platforms to use to reach your target audience

  • 30-Day Content Calendar to plan out social media content for the month featuring a general weekly schedule that works best for you, calls to action to increase follower engagement and the forms of content to post 

  • 12-month customized pitching plan highlighting key dates and tie-ins that can be pitched to the media to position your brand 

  • Craft your first pitch angle to help you introduce yourself to the media

  • Media Pitching Tips and PR Templates to help you through the process 

  • Media Training can be added as an additional session, or pay in full and have media training included, to help you feel more comfortable and confident during interviews

  •  30-day check-in to give feedback on any new pitches, plan adjustments and content as well as access to the private Planning for Visibility Facebook group for additional support

$3000 Investment

Start Planning

for Visibility

Set up a consultation to get started on creating the blueprint to building your reputation. Schedule the planning session that will have you on the path to increasing your brand awareness. 

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frequently asked questions

No worries! Planning for Visibility sessions can be broken up into max 4 sessions over the course of 30 days. 

Definitely! I know firsthand how difficult it can be to invest financially into doing what may be best for your brand and business. Sessions can be broken up into max 6 payments over 6 months. 

This will be fun, let’s plan for your launch! Create buzz with your content, explain why you started and plan things out for the coming year. I got you covered! 

Well, that’s where BJC’s full client services come in, you can learn more here. But if you’re not ready to commit to adding a full time communications strategist to your team, I work with you to make your plans as simple and catered to you as possible. Feel free to consider working with a team member, VA or even an intern to assist you in implementing what we set up. Remember, it will work if you do.

$3000 Investment

Start Planning

for Visibility

Set up a consultation to get started on creating the blueprint to building your reputation. Schedule the planning session that will have you on the path to increasing your brand awareness. 

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